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Chapter VIII



Chapter VIII

Abdellatif El ouarari


translated by El Habib Louai



O those standing by decorating the squares of Egypt,
Peace .. Peace!
From your throats love blooms,
Ah .. just as fire in the soul and balconies:
As a miracle.
Fear dropped from the dictionary of tomorrow,
When you cross swiftly, and your battlefield gets drunk
With aroma, prayer and dove honey.
Glory to you .. O those standing by!
In the wind, you stood on the open edge
Singing: (We are your redemption, O Egypt),
And the steps are blue ears of corn exposed the terraces
Houses are masts,
Cellars are masts,
The horizon is masts.
The happy hour has rung
Outside the weather,
And the military dresses,
The brief newsbreak.
Our entranced mother Egypt overtook people
Feed the young mouth, dressing them its coveted spirit
When clod comes, and darkness lands
My heart cursed by explanations
Lands among you picking the grain peacefully
My color stained by the headlines
Acquires the taste of life
My eyes can see that the country is a fragrance
The corn ears today fairer,
Lo to the usurpers of people's land,
Lo to Noah's flood
nothing appears to my eyes nothing, nothing.
They came out
On their silence
Censorship was removed
So enter Egypt
My comrades







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